Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't forget to update your Gypsy!

Today is November 1st, and the 6 cartridge ProvoCraft update is LIVE!

All you have to do is:

  • Run Gypsy Sync.  It will prompt you to go to the Cricut website and download Cricut Sync.
  • Install Cricut Sync, and then Sync your Gypsy.
  • If you are already running version 0206:0206, you will not need a firmware or content update.  It will really quickly update your library and your new carts will be on your Gypsy!
  • To check, click on the overlay in the bottom right of your mat screen.  Then, click on the white bar in the bottom left where a cartridge name is displayed.
  • There should be the word "Show:" at the top of your screen.  Click the white bar and then click on "Linked Cartridges".  Now, only the cartridges you have linked to your Gypsy will be in the box below.
  • Have fun!

I will have a card from Smiley Cards for you tomorrow, I've been playing with the cart for the past two or three days just waiting for the update, and now I can finally cut from it!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!


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