Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wal Marts Black Friday Ad: Who's Excited???


Friday someone had posted on the Cricut forums that Wal Marts Black Friday Ad had leaked online and there were some KILLER Cricut deals inside.

The ad has since been taken down, but I managed to snag a screenshot from the original blog Don't Tread On Me before it disappeared.

Look at those ADORABLE new Expressions!  I'm still using a hand-me-down Baby Bug, so I am SO EXCITED to snag one of these on Black Friday.  Plus, it comes with TWO new cartridges!  I just can't decide between Aqua and Plum.  I guess I have a few weeks to make up my mind!  :)

Also, can we say NEW LITE CARTRIDGES!  And they're only $20!  I can't make out all of the titles, but I can see Cupcake, Jolly Holidays, Four Legged Friends, and possibly Pet Shop.  I cannot WAIT to see these carts, and hopefully this means the price on the original Lites will drop as well :)

I also heard that EVERY Wal Mart in the country will have an Expression and Lite display, even if they normally don't carry the Cricut Lites.  This is great news for anyone that doesn't have a Wal Mart that carries the Lites nearby!

So what are YOU looking forward to this Black Friday?  Will you be shopping at 12:01 like me?


Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE that plum one!!! No new expression for me though, mine still works great so I can't justify the purchase. BUT I am so excited about the cricut lite carts hopefully the ones already out are included b/c there are about 5 I want. lol! Hopefully I can save up some money for them since i'm out of work now. I'm going to try though :-)

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