Monday, December 31, 2012

Hey Guys, Remember Me?

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

It's been awhile, eh?  I've fallen off the map for almost two years.

I have to admit, when I disappeared, I had a LOT of things going on.  Not so great things.  Life things.  Things I'd rather not discuss on my blog.  You get the picture.  I moved and my craft stuff was mostly in storage for almost TWO YEARS.  It was not fun, y'all.  Not fun.

However, after getting over a few major hurdles, I'm happy to report that a lot of AMAZING things happened to me in 2012:

*I lost over 40 pounds and two jean sizes (not to my goal yet, but still!)
*I got an amazing new job
*I got engaged to the most amazing man on the planet:


*We bought a beautiful house together this fall, complete with my own crafting space!

The aforementioned Most Amazing Man on the Planet has been begging me for AGES to get back into blogging, because he loves when I craft things.  He also does a little blogging himself (you can check out his photography here and his super cool NHL logo graphic renderings here) and was sad that my blog had been abandoned.  He always loves when I make things for him and other people.  And I do too.  I lost the crafting bug for awhile when my Cricut and other supplies were stored away but I'm slowly getting my mojo back.  I've made a promise to him, and to myself that I'm going to start blogging regularly.  I have no idea who even reads my blog anymore (hello, out there!) but I want to start doing this again for me.

So, now the hard part: Where in the heck do I begin?  Waaay back in the spring I hosted a baby shower for my sister (and my now 8 month old awesome nephew), where I DIYed pretty much everything.  I also crafted a TON of Christmas presents this year for friends and family.  PLUS, our wedding this spring is going to be 80% me and my craftiness.  I still love my Cricuts, but I'm drooling over the Silhouette Cameos.  I hope to post more home decor projects as well, as I now have a whole house to decorate :)

So, here we go.  One post at a time, trying to get back into the swing of things.  I'm going to try to do one post a week to start out, and ramp it up from there as inspiration strikes.

To all of my followers reading this, thanks for coming back and reading this post.  Hopefully I'll be blogging things that you will love, and will hopefully inspire you.

2013 is shaping up to be a great year :)