Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun Finds at my Hobby Lobby!

Hello everyone! I was perusing Hobby Lobby today and o saw some interesting hang tags in the cricut cart section. They are going to start carrying:
Nifty Fifties
Birthday Bash
Paper Lace
Wrap It Up
Boys Will Be Boys
Simply Charmed (so excited about this one!)
Sesame Street Seasons
I also saw two tags for unreleased carts: Best of Pixar and Disney Classics. I took a picture of the hangtags as proof. :)
Any guesses to which Disney/Pixar movies these carts will contain? Only time will tell!

Have a fabulou Tuesday!


Summer said...

I heard about these on the MB, thanks for sharing the proof! I cannot wait, we love Pixar in my house.

Melissa said...

OMGoodness!!! YOU HAVE JUST MADE MY DAY!!! FINALLY someone at PC was listening to me!!!!!! I want these cartridges like YESTERDAY!!! Cannot wait to see what these contain! Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Lion King NEED to be on the classic cart!


Carol said...

New follower from the Boards!

Apparently, I should look more carefully when I'm shopping!! I was just at HL yesterday and didn't even really look at the Cricut stuff. I may just have to go back today to check it out....... LOL!

Love That Bug said...

That is such great news.
Thanks for sharing the info

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