Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Check it out, I made a VIDEO!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I finally made a video.

I picked up some cute stuff at Tuesday Morning and had to share.   Now that I know I can successfully make and upload videos, expect more :)

My dog Dixie makes a suprise appearance at the end of my video.  She tried to get her furry sister Bella in on the fun but she was being camera shy.  Maybe she was having a bad hair day ;)

P.S:  Just in case you didn't hear, I'd appreciate if you could leave a comment.  I got a message from a very nice viewer saying she wasn't able to leave me a comment, and I want to see if that applies to everyone.  If you can't leave a comment, please drop me an email (click the image under my "Email Me!" sidebar) and let me know, so I can fix it (or, find someone smarter then me to fix it)!

P.P.S: Dixie is incredibly vain and would totally love the comments to be about her ;)


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