Sunday, April 17, 2011

A few cuts from Damask Decor

When I first heard about the Damask Decor cartridge, I LOST MY MIND.  I am a damask FREAK.  I have damask plates.  Damask bowls.  Damask cups.  Damask coffee cups.  I'm pretty sure I own every piece of damask patterned paper known to man.

So, when I wandered into my Michaels earlier this week and saw one, lonely Damask Decor cartridge behind the registers, I HAD to get it.  I rarely ever buy carts at Michaels, simply because I can usually get them for cheaper online, but right now the newer carts are going for almost $60 on eBay so I decided to go for it.

I teach a few scrapbook and paper crafting classes at Michaels, so while I was waiting for my students to arrive last night I broke out the classroom Cricut and did a few quick cuts from Damask Decor, and I fell in love.  They are all absolutely gorgeous.  Here are a few of the cuts:

This is the "Heart" image with the shadow.  They have special damask flourishes for every season (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc) and this is one of them.  So elaborate and gorgeous!  The cart has layering options, but I think it looks so elegant in all one color.

I love love LOVE the card and envelope feature on this cartridge.  I cut the card and card front at 4".  I also cut the matching envelope but forgot to include it in this picture.  How gorgeous would these be for little thank you cards?  They have corresponding tags as well!

Expect a lot more from me and Damask Decor soon.  I have SO MANY ideas!  


Monica said...

Oh, I do love damask! I have a damask card on my to do list at the moment! Well don and TFS,

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