Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Martha Stewart Valentines Day Goodness at Michaels!

I'm taking a break from my post-Christmas posts to share with you the new Martha Stewart Valentines Day display at my Michaels.  There are TOO many things I want, so I just had to share!
She has some really great die cuts and glitter this season.  My personal faves:
  • The glitter glue pens.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Stickles, but if there was anyone I would give them up for, it would be Martha!  I will have to try these out!
  • Valentines Day Stamp Set.  Cute sentiments and three great colors!
  • Die cut butterfiles.  An ENTIRE page of pink, glittery die cut butterflies?  I'm in love!  :)

Now to the good stuff:  THE PUNCHES.  She has a really cute Valentines Day paper pack and mat pack, but let's be serious, I mostly care about the punches.  She has some GREAT new ones this season (I'm not sure what the Fiskars punch is doing there, but oh well).  I purchased three punches, and there is still one more I want.  My faves:

  • Filagree Heart Large Punch
I'm OBSESSED with this punch.  I love the way it looks and can be used for more then just Valentines Day.  I don't think I could get something that intricate in that size to come out well with my Cricut.
  • Heart Lock and Key Double Punch

Don't quote me, but I'm fairly certain she has released this punch before.  I'm almost positive my friend has one, but I don't, so I had to get it!
  • Cherish Heart Border Punch
I love the scalloped border!  I think this will look so cute on so many different cards.

There is also a really cute stamp and punch set and two heart Punch All Over the Page punches (which I also plan on getting).

Make sure you check out your Michaels and see if they have rolled out their new Martha stuff yet!  Also, all of her Christmas stuff is on clearance right now, so if your M's has any left (mine only had two things left), make sure to grab them!


Charlotte Cornett said...

OMG!! Thanks for sharing with us, love the punches!

Kristi said...

Everything looks so pretty! Drool! I went to my Michaels today and they still had all the Christmas stuff out..all 5 items that were left! Not a single new thing in sight. I swear my M's is the slowest store to restock ever! :(

Paula Puckett said...

Hello Kristin! I'm a new follower to your blog. Love your Valentine line up of MS products! Don't cha just love her stuff?! I've got quite a few of MS punches but, there's always room for more! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Looking forward to visiting you again. I'm putting your blog in "My Favorites" so I won't lose you! BTW...Happy New Year!

Scrappy Doo said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!! I need an intervention from Michaels!! this is not helping...
Thank you for the heads up....

guess you know where I'll be tomorrow.... :)
"danger... danger... overload..."

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