Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Goals for 2011

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years weekend.  Some of you are probably still recovering like me ;)

I've decided to set a few goals for myself for 2011.  I say "goals", not "resolutions", because resolutions are those superficial things you set on January 1st and never follow through with.  I'm hoping 2011 will be a better year for me then 2010, and I wanted to set some goals to make sure they happen.  I want to list them here so I can hold myself accountable for them later.  No worries, my regular crafty posts will resume tomorrow :)

Kristin's 2011 Goals:
  • Read at LEAST 50 books, and keep track of each one
    • I LOVE to read but I haven't been reading as much as I should lately.  I not only want to read at least 50 books, but I want to try genres that I usually never read, or would never think of reading.  I'm hopefully getting a Nook for my birthday because I already own so many books I'm running out of room!  You can also lend e-books free from the library!  So, if you have any good book recs, let me know :)
  • Jog with my dogs at least three times a week
    • Not only will this be good for me, it will be great for my dogs.  Dixie is full of energy and if she gets more exercise hopefully she will stop destroying my things ;)
  • Take more pictures
    • I need to start taking more pictures of my family and friends, so I will have plenty to scrapbook!
  • Make at least two cards a week
    • I really want to try to send birthday cards to all of my friends and family this year, but in order to do that I have to MAKE them!
  • Use up the supplies I HAVE, instead of buying more
    • I've only really been crafting since this summer, and I have already accumulated a TON of stuff!  I have an awesome new Expression, Gypsy, Cuttlebug, Cinch and many other useful tools.  My punch collection is slowly growing.  I own a ton of cartridges and a whole SLEW of Cuttlebug folders and dies (Nestabilities are my new obsession).  I have plenty of things to keep me busy!
  • Sing more.  Stress less.
    • Most of my bloggy friends don't know this, but my #1 passion in life is music.  I'm a classically trained vocalist and I've been preforming since the 6th grade.  I'm also a HUGE perfectionist when it comes to my voice.  I practice obsessively and if I don't think I can do it flawlessly, I won't do it.  I'm hoping to branch out this year and sing genres I'm not used to singing for fun and hopefully NOT STRESS OUT ABOUT IT!

So, there you have them?  What are your goals for 2011?  I would love to hear them!  Happy New Year everyone!


Monica said...

TFS! Looks like you have a great list! I love the one about using what supplies you have, a very good thing to do!

Love Is In The Details said...

Ok minus the singing we pretty much wrote out the same list, lol! My fingers are crossed I get a Nook for my anniversary on Tuesday! I've run out of book space many times over. In fact I've decided to start a book club on my blog for the new year :) I recomend The Pillars of the Earth & Water for Elephants (both great reads)! I have to get back to my regular gym routine which includes running at least 3 days a week. I just cleaned up my craft room and felt sick about all of the stuff I have and have not used, but just had to have, so I'm right there with you, I will be using what I have and not buying new stuff! I also decided to do 365 days of pictures, you are supposed to take at least 1 picture of your life every single day for an entire year, so far so good, lol! Then the card making, I love making cards, but I'm somehow never ready for the birthdays and occasions in my life so me too! Ok that's it, but I had to share what a kick I got out of reading your list which is so like mine, love it. Good luck and Happy New Year! Andrea

Staying Crafty said...

Great goals! I am really trying to use up my scraps and such this year before I go buying anymore paper - and I'm going to try and appreciate all I have instead of always looking to the next new thing. I'm not a singer, but I have issues with being obsessive and being a perfectionist in many areas of my life - so I feel your pain about the singing!

Dawn said...

Great Goals, so many are like mine!!!

Hope we can do it!!!!!

~Dawn said...

Great Goals!! A lot of them are like mine:)

I am doing a cricut cart giveaway. Please feel free to check out my blog for details:)

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Great goals! And sounds like you have some great tools. I personally love all of them and even though I have the digital cutters, I am a punch junkie! What's your favorite? I am loving 5-point pointy edge flowers right now.

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